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Couples Counseling

"Love one another and you will be happy. Itís as simple and as difficult as that."-Michael Leunig

Researchers have found that friendship is one of the most essential components of a happy coupleís relationship. It sounds simple, but many personal, environmental, and societal factors can get in the way of developing and maintaining this kind of friendship. In your relationship, one or both of you may be:

  • Feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, overwhelmed, or taken for granted
  • Experiencing difficulty communicating with each other
  • Having the same disagreements over and over
  • Questioning whether or not to take the next step in your relationship
  • Holding onto unresolved resentments
  • Repeating mistakes from former relationships
  • Tolerating an unfulfilling sex life
  • Feeling anxious about financial issues that cause conflicts
  • Struggling to balance your needs with those of your partner

Treatment and Outcomes

Relationships can be difficult to navigate alone. It can be extremely beneficial to have an objective, supportive person to help you work through whatever issues are arising. In therapy, we will work together to create a safe space to explore what is going on for each of you in the relationship. Depending on the issues, you may need only a few sessions, or you may want deeper work to explore where the problems are coming from and why they remain unresolved. My goal is to help you understand why problems are occurring and what each of you can do to make the relationship more fulfilling. As we work together,

  • You will learn to communicate better with one another.
  • You will increase your awareness of old patterns of behavior and learn coping skills to break those patterns.
  • I will help you work through unresolved resentments and areas where you feel stuck, thus transforming hurts and frustrations.
  • You will increase your understanding of each other and of yourself in the relationship, deepen your intimacy, and strengthen your friendship.

I enjoy working with many different types of couples, including:

  • Couples interested in pre-marital counseling
  • Same-Sex Couples
  • Couples exploring whether or not to stay together
  • Couples who just need a little help sorting through a single issue
  • Couples who are experiencing a complex set of problems

For an appointment, please call: 415-255-4150

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