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Everyone feels anxious and stressed out from time to time. Mild anxiety helps to alert us to threatening situations and can motivate us to face challenging circumstances. On the other hand, more intense anxiety can cause severe distress over time, and disrupt our lives.

The Major Kinds of Anxiety Disorders

  • People with generalized anxiety disorder have fears or worries about such things as health or finances, and they often have a persistent sense that something bad is just about to happen. The reason for the intense feelings of anxiety may be difficult to identify, but the fears and worries are real and can be difficult to overcome.
  • Panic Attacks involve sudden, intense, unprovoked feelings of terror and dread. People who suffer from panic attacks generally develop strong fears about when and where their next panic attack will occur. As a result, they often restrict their normal activities.
  • A related disorder involves phobias, or intense fears, about certain objects or situations. Specific phobias may involve things such as encountering particular animals or flying in airplanes. Social phobias involve fear of public places or social gatherings.
  • Someone who suffers severe physical or emotional trauma from, for example, a natural disaster, a serious accident, or a crime may experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns become seriously affected by reminders of the event, sometimes months or even years after the traumatic experience.

Treatment and Outcomes

  • It is very important to understand that treatments for anxiety disorders do not work instantly. The same treatment plan doesn’t work for everybody, so I will tailor your treatment to your specific anxieties and personal needs. We will work together to assess whether the treatment plan is on track and make whatever adjustments are necessary.
  • Therapy will help you learn to safely explore your anxiety and to regain control of your feelings and of your thoughts. As a result, your life can become calmer and more manageable.

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