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Self-esteem and Self-confidence

Research shows that high self-esteem is one of the best predictors of personal happiness. When you feel secure with yourself, you experience the world as open and respond appropriately to challenges and opportunities. Self-esteem empowers and motivates you. Appropriate self-esteem can inspire you to achieve and to feel proud of your achievements. Self-esteem allows you to experience satisfaction. When you suffer from poor self-esteem, your lack of self-confidence and belief in yourself is reflected in how you interact with others and how others perceive you. For many people, the hardest part of life is constantly feeling bad about themselves. If you suffer from low self-esteem, you’re probably feeling:

  • Inadequate
  • Defeated
  • Ashamed
  • Like a "fraud", who is just about to be found out
  • Worthless
  • Like a failure

Treatment and Outcomes

  • Through the trusting relationship with a therapist, you can learn to challenge and change your negative assumptions about yourself and develop a more positive, realistic sense of self.
  • We will work together to address your chronic self-criticism and to build your self-esteem so you can reach goals that might have been unattainable before.
  • You will be able to acknowledge your progress and appreciate your achievements.
  • You will feel better on the inside and your newfound self-confidence will be reflected on the outside. As a result, socializing will be easier and more fun.
  • You will be able to form more satisfying relationships because you will be drawn to more nourishing, healthy people; and you won’t enter into relationships feeling as afraid of rejection or humiliation.
  • You will feel happier with yourself and more able to enjoy life.

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