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Relationships can be one of the greatest sources of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. But, at the same time, they can also be sources of dissatisfaction, sadness and pain. According to relationship experts, most people wait an average of six years from the first signs of problems in their relationship before they get help. That means that too many people live unhappily for far too long. In your current relationship, you may be:

  • Feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, overwhelmed, or taken for granted. (Your needs are not being met.)
  • Behaving in ways you donít like, but canít stop (acting like your mother or father; "nagging;" being "passive" or "controlling").
  • Repeating mistakes from former relationships (infidelity, jealousy, withdrawing from your partner).
  • Tolerating an unfulfilling sex life.
  • Struggling to balance your relationship and your work.

If you are having difficulty finding a relationship or intimately connecting with someone, you may be feeling:

  • Vulnerable
  • Lonely
  • Empty
  • Unworthy
  • Incapable of having a relationship

Treatment and Outcomes

  • In therapy, we will explore your current and former relationships with partners, friends, co-workers, and family members in order to understand why some are working while others are not.
  • As you deepen your knowledge of your relationship patterns (or your search for a fulfilling partnership), you will develop a more complete understanding of yourself, why you act in particular ways, and the reasons you choose the partners you do (or why you are having difficulty finding a partner).
  • With this understanding, you will feel more balanced and able to make better decisions. You will be able to recognize old patterns of behavior and be more in control of how you act and react.
  • You will be more self-confident and able to connect with others who are apt to support and empower you further.
  • You will feel more fulfilled and able to have your needs met, as well as meet the needs of your partner.

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